Student Council

  • What are the objectives of the Student Council?

    Its primary goal is to produce and implement projects to make university life more productive with the participation, opinions and suggestions of each student enrolled in Istanbul Health and Technology University. Most importantly, it is to ensure the active participation of our valuable students, who are the main source of its power, in its activities and projects. In addition, as the voice of our students at the university, it is to find solutions to the problems they experience and present them to the relevant units.

  • What is the Purpose of the Student Council?

    To contribute to meeting and developing the educational, health, sports and cultural needs of the students enrolled in Istanbul Health and Technology University, to establish an effective communication between the administrative bodies and students, to convey the expectations and requests of the students to the administrative bodies and to ensure the participation of the students in the decisions on education and training.

  • Öğrenci Konseyi Ne Gibi Faaliyetler Yapar?

    It organizes activities to create areas where students can improve themselves through social, cultural and professional activities during the university education process in which they build their future and to ensure their participation in these areas. At the same time, it participates in the activities of the clubs within the university, both to be their supporters and to create different activities by bringing more than one club together.

  • How is the Student Council President Elected?

    First, students from each department and program at the university elect their department/program representatives. Then, faculty and vocational school representatives are selected from among the department/program representatives. Finally, the elected faculty and vocational school representatives come together and elect the Student Council President.

  • Which Forms are Needed to Set up a Club?

    The forms on the Student Clubs page on our university's website are required.
  • What are the Duties of the Student Council President?

    During the discussion of issues related to students, he/she attends the Senate and Board of Directors meetings and ensures that the decisions taken are announced. In addition, he/she conveys the problems experienced by the students to the relevant units and works for their solution. At the same time, he/she represents the students of Istanbul Health and Technology University in national and international student activities.

  • How to Become a Representative?

    You can become a representative by winning the elections held within the faculty after applying for candidacy to the Student Affairs Department according to the election calendar determined by the Rectorate.

  • How Often are Elections Held?

    Elections shall be held every two years. In the event that the chairperson of the Council loses his/her qualifications for election and leaves office before the end of his/her term for any reason, a new chairperson shall be elected in the same manner within one month to complete the remaining term.

  • How Can I Contact the Student Council?

    You can reach our council from the contact addresses in the "Student Council" section on the official website of Istanbul Health and Technology University.

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