About the University

Istanbul Health and Technology University, which started its educational activities in the 2020- 2021 academic year with "Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, Vocational School of Health, Pharmaceutical Research and Development Institute, which is one of the first in Turkey, and Graduate Education Institute", has taken its place among the most preferred foundation universities with a 100% occupancy rate in its first year, and ranked among the top three among the universities that provide the most scholarships.

Established under the leadership of Bilgiç Foundation, with the experience gained in the health sector for more than 30 years and the advantages and know-how provided by academic-industry collaborations, Istanbul Health and Technology University opened the English programs of the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy, the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, the Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences and the School of Foreign Languages in the second year of its establishment.

Thanks to Bilgiç Foundation's organic ties with the pharmaceutical industry and its experience in the Turkish and global pharmaceutical industry, the university aims to raise graduates who can produce globally beneficial projects, who are research and innovation-oriented, and who will be at the forefront of medicine and science by enabling the transformation of scientific knowledge and technologies into products and services to be developed by the university's academic staff and students together.

Istanbul Health and Technology University, which provides education with a student-oriented university approach; In addition to its qualified education structure and multidisciplinary application and research laboratories equipped with the latest technology, it supports the professional development of students with programs that are used worldwide and allow students to receive education on a digital platform.

In addition to offering internship and career opportunities to prepare students for business life, ISTUN also offers them opportunities to develop in culture and arts, social responsibility and sports. ISTUN aims to raise individuals who beautify life in many fields such as science, culture, art and sports, and to announce and multiply the values of students to all stakeholders.

Our Mission
To be a university that produces and uses technology with its scientific studies, emphasizes cooperation with industry, contributes to the economic development and welfare of the country, is involved in international cooperation, educates students with strong responsibility and leadership, entrepreneurial and ethical values, and produces solutions to national and world problems.

Our Vision
To be one of the world's leading universities that stands out with its education programs that train students who use technology and transform it into products.

İstanbul Sağlık ve Teknoloji Üniversitesi

Üniversitemizin Kuruluşu

Üniversitemiz 18 Mayıs 2018 tarihli, 30425 sayılı Resmi Gazete’de yayımlanan Yükseköğretim Kanunu ile Bazı Kanun Hükmünde Kararnamelerde Değişiklik Yapılmasına Dair Kanun uyarınca Bilgiç Vakfı önderliğinde kurulmuştur.

Kurulduğu günden bu yana üniversitemiz uzman akademik kadrodan son teknoloji ile donatılmış derslik ve laboratuvarlara kadar her türlü hazırlığını tamamlamıştır ve 2020 - 2021 eğitim öğretim yılında eğitim vermeye başlamıştır.


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