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Prof. Dr. Seyhan Alkan Prof. Dr. Seyhan ALKAN
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Hello, dear young people who will prefer Istanbul University of Health and Technology,

Istanbul Health and Technology University continues its academic journey with the theme of health and technology by growing and developing. The new generation university has demonstrated its high goals and mission by ranking third in the preference occupancy rate among the foundation universities in our country last year and second in the scholarship rates provided to students.

ISTUN continues its future planning under the auspices of an institution that has achieved significant success in our country and internationally in the health and industry sector for more than 30 years, considering academia-industry cooperation as its main mission. In this context, it has integrated its faculties related to health education and established the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, School of Foreign Languages with its strong and experienced academic staff. By building inter-professional discipline during the university years, it has prepared an education plan that is ready for the sector and has a high employment power.

ISTUN has made the Blackboard distance education platform, which is used by very well-established and powerful universities in the world and in our country, digital publications that can be accessed to tens of thousands of information sources, and educational programs that will make a difference in education, available to our academicians and you, our esteemed students.

In today's world where practical training is very important, binding cooperation protocols have been signed with the most powerful public institutions and private sector organizations of our country, aiming to support our students' theoretical education as well as their practical training at the highest level.

Within Istanbul Health and Technology University, technological application laboratories that contain all the elements required by the age in associate, undergraduate and graduate education, equipped R&D laboratories that will enable the research of students who will carry out projects with their academicians, and financial resources to support them are provided to our esteemed students.

In the global pandemic conditions that the world is trying to overcome with great distress, ISTUN, which strives to support the periods when social contact cannot be realized with the 35 student clubs it has established, has spent these difficult periods in a very productive way by creating communication, solidarity, sharing different ideas and social responsibility projects. With the start of face-to-face education, we aim to live together in the days when rich activities will take place within the scope of sports, culture, art and life activities, where you, our valuable young people, will gain important knowledge and experience while studying at university and have good memories.

Prof. Seyhan Alkan

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