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Istanbul Health and Technology University Faculty of Pharmacy started education in the 2020-2021 academic year. It has two separate undergraduate programs, “Turkish and English”.

Pharmacy is the only professional group that has the authority to take part and control in all stages starting from the production of pharmaceutical raw materials to the preparation of various conventional and innovative pharmaceutical dosage forms and pharmaceutical products.  Pharmacists provide counselling services to other healthcare professionals and patients about the pharmacological effects of drugs and problems related to drug use, and play an important role in increasing the patient's adherence to treatment and getting the best possible response from the targeted treatment. The main purpose of pharmacy undergraduate education is to have highly qualified professional human resource in every related field where the pharmacy profession and healthcare professionals & industry needs pharmacists. The main mission of Istanbul Health and Technology University Faculty of Pharmacy is to have highly qualified pharmacists who can provide healthcare services and industrial activities related to pharmaceutical sciences within national and international arena.

Our pharmacy education program has been structured in accordance with the "National Pharmacy Core Education Program’’, which is the main program that covers the requirements determined for the Pharmacy Faculties in Turkey to continue their educational activities, draws the framework of pharmacy education on a national scale and lists its basic foundations. The training period is 5 years. This process will cover medicine, chemistry, life, and professional sciences; It consists of compulsory-elective theoretical courses, laboratory courses, internship applications and graduation project.

In addition to public and hospital pharmacies, our graduates are employed in various fields of the pharmaceutical industry (R&D, quality control, production, intellectual properties, regulatory affairs, clinical research, pharmacovigilance, marketing, market access, business development, export operations), research centers and official institutions (Ministry of Health, Provincial and District Health Directorates, etc.). On the other hand, with the introduction of clinical pharmacy specialization training in our country with the Examination for Specialization in Pharmacy, a new field has been opened for pharmacists. Graduates who want to continue their academic careers can participate in the master's and doctorate programs of their choice and have opportunity to work as an academician.

Our faculty has the infrastructure and academic team to raise graduates at a level that can meet the needs of the country and society with its competent and dynamic academic staff, a training program that is compatible with international academic quality standards, covering current professional innovations, well-equipped laboratories, and university-pharmaceutical industry cooperation.

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