Faculty of Dentistry

About to Faculty 

Our faculty started its educational activities with 60 students in the 2020-2021 academic year. Education in our faculty is carried out in two separate programs, "Turkish and English".
Our faculty, which was established in order to bring a new and different view to dentistry education in Turkey, aims to be an education and health institution at universal standards, which prioritizes research, knowledge production and serving public health and aims to train tomorrow's leaders in the field of dentistry with its selected faculty.
Although we are a newly established faculty, our biggest goal is to train qualified and respected people with high scientific productivity, both nationally and internationally in the field of public oral and dental health. In addition, our aim is to provide the best dentistry education in Turkey to both domestic and international students with a strong academic staff.
The undergraduate education program includes 5 years of vocational education. In the first two years of vocational education, students take basic medicine and dentistry courses as well as pre-clinical (Pre-Clinical and Phantom Simulation Laboratories) vocational courses that improve their professional skills. From the spring semester of the 3rd year, students entering the clinic are trained as observer students in order to adapt to clinical practice in dentistry, where practical experience is very important. 4th and 5th grades are the grades in which clinical practices are predominantly given, as well as dentistry vocational courses and medical courses. A class passing system is applied in our faculty.

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