Mission & Vision

Our Mission;
ISTUN Disabled Student Unit aims to ensure that disabled students studying at our University have access to the facilities and services at the University; to create an environment that supports the academic, social, personal and professional development of students.

Our Vsion;
As ISTUN Disabled Student Unit, to be a university where all students receive education and training with equal rights and opportunities without any privileges and can benefit from academic / social services; to be an innovative, accessible university in interdisciplinary academic and social studies.

As ISTUN Disabled Student Unit, our goals are to provide equal opportunities in education for students with special needs due to any disability, to facilitate the access of disabled students to the facilities and services of the University by determining their needs and difficulties in various fields (academic, administrative, physical, psychological and social) during their education, To carry out studies to make education, training and examination environments suitable for individuals with special needs, to carry out activities, initiatives and collaborations for disability within the university, to ensure and support the participation of individuals with special needs in social, cultural and sports activities, to provide physical, digital and technological infrastructure to become an accessible university.

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