Ethical Principles

Confidentiality: ISTUN Disabled Student Unit does not share the status of the student who declares that he / she is disabled with other persons and institutions without his/her permission, in a way that reveals his / her identity.

Volunteering: ISTUN Disabled Student Unit provides opportunities for students to declare their disabilities, but does not force students to apply to the unit and receive services.

Respect: ISTUN Disabled Student Unit provides services by respecting the individual differences of disabled students, taking into account that the needs and competencies of individuals may differ.

Equal Academic Opportunity: ISTUN Disabled Student Unit carries out the necessary work together with the relevant persons and units to provide learning and evaluation methods adapted to the student's disability in the process of fulfilling the academic responsibilities of disabled students.

Accessibility: ISTUN Disabled Student Unit works with the relevant units of the university to make the university life of disabled students physically, academically and socially accessible.

Openness to Feedback: ISTUN Disabled Student Unit is open to feedback. It considers the feedback received from students, academic and administrative staff as an opportunity to provide better service.

Responsibility: ISTUN Disabled Student Unit is responsible for creating an environment that supports the development of students with disabilities, as well as the students who apply to the unit have individual responsibilities in the process.

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